Dosage of Lysine for Cold Sores

There is no official recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for lysine. It is estimated,  that the daily requirement for an adult is approximately 12 mg per kilogram (2.2 lb) of body weight.

Test tube research suggests that lysine fights the cold sore virus by blocking Arginine , an amino acid the virus needs in order to replicate.  Lysine is most effective when used in conjunction with a low-Arginine high alkaline diet.

Research shows that taking a relatively high Dosage of lysine for cold sores on a regular basis, can increase the length of time between cold sores and hasten healing time. In one clinical trial, HSV-infected volunteers took either 1,000 mg of L-lysine or placebo three times daily for six months.

Participants taking L-lysine had an average of 2.4 fewer cold sore outbreaks than those taking placebo. Not only were symptoms less severe among subjects taking the supplement, but their cold sores healed faster.

For prevention of cold sores, a high alkaline diet, proper sleep, exercise and a dose of 500 to 1,000 milligrams lysine daily is frequently recommended. When outbreaks occur, doses of 1,000 milligrams three times daily may speed recovery.

Plenty of exercise in the fresh air will make your body get much needed emerging oxygen which helps in killing unwanted bacteria inside your body; the herpes simplex virus is anaerobic in nature which means that it cannot survive in the presence of oxygen

Folks with liver or kidney disease should consult a physician before taking lysine supplements.

The following dosage of lysine for cold sores has been studied in scientific research:


For treating cold sores (herpes simplex): a specific combination of lysine plus zinc oxide and 14 other ingredients (Super Lysine Plus +) applied every 2 hours for 11 days has been used.


For cold sores (herpes simplex): 1000 mg daily for 12 months and 1000 mg three times daily for 6 months.


Dosage of Lysine for Cold Sores

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